SAP Award Winners

2018, Chicago

  • Best Paper Award: “Shaping Top Managers’ Moods: Board Emotion Regulation In The Strategy-formulation Process” by Timo  Vuori (Aalto University) and Quy Huy (Insead)
  • Best Student Paper Award: “Corporate Sustainability As Practice: Doing Sustainability By Intervening​” by Seray Ergene (University of Massachusetts)
  • SAPs Pushing the Boundary Award: “Exposing The Contested Frames In Strategy Work: Using Visuals To Bridge The Contested Frames” by Marko Kohtamäki, Suvi Einola, and Yassine Talaoui (all University Of Vaasa)
  • Best Practice Paper Award: “Distributed Leadership As A Discursive Practice” byAnu Kajamaa (University Of Helsinki) and Juha Tuunainen (University Of Oulu Business School)

2017, Atlanta

  • Best Paper Award: “Timing practices and material markers in coordinating collective market patterns” by Rebecca Bednarek  (Birkbeck, University of London) and Laure Cabantous (Cass Business School, University of London)
  • Best Student Paper Award: “Three Sides of the Same Coin: Practice(d) Time as Rhythms in Household Food Collectives​” by Galina Kallio, Mikko Jalmari Vesa and Kathrin Sele (all Aalto University School of Business)
  • SAP Pushing the Boundary Award: “The Effects of Spatial Configuration on Opportunities for Emergent Strategy Making” by Matt Thomas, Duncan Angwin, and Karen Dale (Lancaster University Business School)
  • Best Practice Paper Award: “All or Nothing? – Strategizing Practices and Outcomes in Strategy Tool Development Processes” by Gary Thomas Burke and Carola Wolf (Aston University

2016, Anaheim

  • Best Paper Award: “CEO sensegiving and legitimacy projection across multiple strategic change episodes” by Eric Knight  (University of Sydney) and Matthew Grimes (Indiana University)
  • Best Student Paper Award: “Identity in the Making: how Organisation Identity Change is Facilitated in a Business Unit Merger​” by Julia Balogun (University of Liverpool) and Lisa Day (London Metropolitan University)
  • SAP Pushing the Boundary Award: “Is this a worthy strategy? Critique, justification and evaluation in the practice of strategy” by Charlotte Cloutier (HEC Montreal) and Jean-Pascal Gond (CASS Business School)

2015, Vancouver

  • Best Paper Award: ““Towards a Social-Practice Theory of Competition” by Paula Jarzabkowski  (City University London) and Rebecca Bednarek (Birkbeck)
  • Best Student Paper Award: “Over the Top of the Hill: Sensemaking and the Role of Meetings in Sustaining Strategic Change” by Lisa Day (London Metropolitan University), Julia Balogun and Michael Mayer (both Bath University)
  • Best Practice-oriented Paper: “New CEOs in Turnaround Situations: What to Do or Not to Do in their First Year” by Chanchai Tangpong, Derek Lehmberg, Zonghui Li (all North Dakota State University)