Role Descriptions

These are the descriptions of the SAP Steering Committee roles:

Past Chair (Executive Officer)

The Immediate Past Chair shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee, conduct the elections, and perform such duties as may be assigned by the Chair or the Bylaws.

Chair (Executive Officer)

The Chair shall serve as the chief executive officer for the interest group and be responsible for the conduct of the interest group’s activities in a manner that will assure the accomplishment of the interest group’s objectives, subject to (a) the Constitution, Bylaws and professional division policies of the Academy of Management, (b) the Constitution and Bylaws of the SAP interest group, (c) the concurrence of the Steering Committee in matters of policy. S/he should chair all steering committee meetings and chair all SAP interest group meetings (the Chair has the discretion to delegate this responsibility to the Chair–Elect). The Chair should also present a report on the status and progress of the SAP interest group at its annual business meeting, and will automatically become Immediate Past Chair after completing one year of office.

Chair Elect (Executive Officer)

The Chair Elect shall succeed the current SAP interest group Chair at the termination of the Chair’s year in office, act for the Chair in case of the Chair’s absence or disability, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or the Bylaws.

Program Chair (Executive Officer)

The Program Chair shall act as Program Chair for the Annual Meeting according to the procedures outlined by the Academy of Management program process and assisted by a Program Committee appointed by and reporting to the Program Chair. S/he should also encourage symposia and other program events that involve development of group members, and collaboration with other Divisions, international scholars and practitioners. The Program Chair automatically succeeds to the position of Chair-elect and performs other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or the Bylaws, or by the Program Chair of the Academy of Management.

PDW Chair (Executive Officer)

The PDW Chair shall:

  1. Arrange and administer annual workshops to be held immediately after or before the annual meeting according to SAP Interest Group and Academy of Management procedures assisted by a PDW Committee appointed by and reporting to the PDW Chair, if possible.
  2. Encourage program activities that involve development of SAP Interest Group members and collaboration with other Divisions, international scholars, and practitioners. The emphasis in the development of the PDW program is on presenting high quality activities that are aimed at both professional development and the creation of networking opportunities. This may be combined with collaboration with other Divisions and international scholars/practitioners.
  3. Report to and co-ordinate with the Interest Group Program Chair.
  4. Perform other duties as assigned by the Chair, the Interest Group Program Chair or the Academy of Management PDW Chair or Program Chair.

This position is part of the five year leadership track (followed by the roles of Program Chair, Chair-Elect, Chair, Past Chair).

Treasurer (Executive Officer)

The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintenance of all SAP interest group financial records in co-ordination with Academy of Management Financial staff. In addition to the SAP interest group Chair, be eligible to approve and to sign for disbursement of SAP interest group funds. S/he also provides a report of SAP interest group finances for the steering committee meetings and the annual meeting of the group, and performs other duties as assigned by the Chair or the Bylaws.

Secretary (Executive Officer)

The Secretary shall:

  1. Take minutes of the Interest Group meetings and Executive Committee
    meetings and report these minutes to Interest Group members.
  2. Be responsible for maintenance of Interest Group files and records
  3. Be responsible for the Interest Group’s web-presence and listserv, in
    collaboration with others as designated
  4. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or the Bylaws

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary shall:

  1. Be responsible for the Interest Group’s membership communications, including
    the Newsletter
  2. Be jointly responsible with the Chair for membership liaison and campaigns
  3. Coordinate with the Chair the membership and recruitment activities of
  4. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or the Bylaws


Representatives-at-large are elected to represent members and support the Executive Officers in their roles.

Other roles

Further people may be appointed members of the extended executive committee for specific tasks and responsibilities (e.g. IT Officer for interest group websites).