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New digital SAP calendar

  • 1.  New digital SAP calendar

    Posted 17 days ago

    The SAP community spans across the EGOS, SMS and AOM conferences with various additional events such as (virtual) meetings and webinars. Therefore, it is easy to lose a clear overview of the many exciting opportunities to interact with others and learn about fascinating SAP research. That's why, we set up a central calendar with all SAP-related events and deadlines at one glance.

    You find the new calendar on the SAP website (also available without a Google account):
    Attend Virtual SAP Webinars and Offline SAP events

    For your convenience, we recommend that you embed the SAP calendar into your Google calendar (only available with Google account):
    Subscribe to someone's Google Calendar
    This is the direct link, you need to embed the calendar:

    If you have any additional SAP-related events, which could be interesting to other members, please send them to Lorenzo Skade (, who will add them to the calendar.

    Lorenzo Skade
    Research Associate
    European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)