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SAP Community Day @ EGOS 2020 in Hamburg

  • 1.  SAP Community Day @ EGOS 2020 in Hamburg

    Posted 02-06-2020 05:03
    Coming to EGOS 2020 in Hamburg? Apply now for the SAP Community Day!

    The topic of this year's full-day pre-colloquium workshop is "Studying Grand Challenges through Practice-based Methods". In the first part of the community day, participants will learn more about new types of data and methods in SAP to tackle grand challenges. The discussions and round-tables are facilitated by leading experts on practice-based methods, including Jane Lê, Loizos Heracleous, Matthias Wenzel, Mikko Vesa, Tim Hannigan and Rodrigo Valadao Alves. In the second part of the community day, participants have the opportunity to join round-tables with established SAP scholars and receive feedback on their research papers, research designs, or empirical analyses. The round-tables will be hosted by Eric Knight, Jane Lê, Michael Smets, Violetta Splitter, Matthias Wenzel and Chahrazad Abdallah.

    We're looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

    Stefanie Habersang
    Maximilian Heimstädt
    Renate Kratochvil
    Madalina Pop
    Benjamin N. Scher

    Maximilian Heimstädt
    Post Doctorate Research Fellow
    Witten/Herdecke University