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New SAP Vlog

  • 1.  New SAP Vlog

    Posted 07-27-2020 09:18
    In this SAP VLOG, Etieno Enang (Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow UK) talks to Rebecca Bednarek (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) about her and her colleagues’ paper “Conducting global team-based ethnography: Methodological challenges
    and practical methods”. The interview includes topics such as:

     Experiences that led to the key ideas presented in the paper
     The key message(s) of the paper
     How everyday micro-practices can be studies in such a way that they inform an
    understanding of macro phenomena
     Research impact

    Stay tuned: This Vlog is 2/4 of a series on SAP methods and there is more to come.

    Anna Plotnikova
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam