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Friendly Reminder: Call for Reviewers

  • 1.  Friendly Reminder: Call for Reviewers

    Posted 01-05-2020 13:15
    Dear all,

    This is just a friendly reminder to please sign up as a reviewer for Vancouver AoM 2020. We all value good, constructive feedback on our own papers. As a community, we rely on each other to provide timely, helpful feedback. The Academy in Vancouver will be very popular amongst SAP members and hence we need as many reviewers as possible. If you submit a PDW, paper or symposium to the SAP program, please sign up as a reviewer as well to return the favour of others who review your work. Even if you don't submit anything, please still consider signing up as part of your community service:

    Sign up here

    When you sign up, you will be asked to select a few keywords to describe your area of expertise.  It is very important that you are diligent in selecting the most appropriate keywords so that we can best match your review assignment to your knowledge and expertise. We have revised and reduced the number of keywords this year to make this task easier for you.

    Key facts to keep in your diary:

    • Reviewing begins on 22 January 2020
    • Deadline: 20 February 2020
    • You will receive a max. of 3 assignments
    • Please remember to provide constructive and supportive comments for the authors. A good review is typically 1 single-spaced page in length. More details on best practices in reviewing can be found here.

    Thank you for your help in putting together a strong SAP program for AoM Vancouver.

    Kind regards,

    Katharina Dittrich

    SAP Program Chair

    Katharina Dittrich
    Warwick Business School