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SAP IG Newsletter July 2020

  • 1.  SAP IG Newsletter July 2020

    Posted 07-22-2020 04:50
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     Dear SAP members & friends

    We very much look forward to you joining us as we embark on our journey towards our first virtual SAP AOM Meeting! Without the scheduling conflicts and time constraints of an analogue conference, you can contribute to and attend more sessions, access more content, and find new opportunities to network with your peers. We have put together the most important information on the virtual format for you on page 2.

    On page 3 of this newsletter, you can check out the SAP IG virtual program, which includes some new formats, such as the virtual Cafés (p. 8) to informally connect with other SAP scholars in your region and a surprise event (p. 10), besides our traditional events.

    If you are interested in who is leading our SAP IG in the upcoming years, you'll find the winners of this year's election on page 12! In addition, you'll find more exciting news from page 14 on, such as news from the social media team, conference announcements, and so on.

    Finally, as I will hand over my tasks as Membership Secretary to my colleague Tania, I would like to thank you for your continuous support of the newsletter, which reflects our great community spirit. It was a great pleasure to serve the SAP family, which I will continue in a more informal way in the future. Best wishes,

    Violetta Splitter

    - SAP IG Membership Secretary


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