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Meet for a virtual café!

  • 1.  Meet for a virtual café!

    Posted 08-08-2020 01:31
    Again, check out all SAP sessions via this link:

    Today we invite you to some virtual socializing with SAP Virtual Cafés for three regions:

    - SAP Virtual Café Asia/Australia: 10:30 AEST (Sydney) / 2:30-4:00 CEST
    - SAP Virtual Café Europe: 17:00 CEST / 9:00 EST
    - SAP Virtual Café Americas: 14:00 pm EST / 20:00 CEST

    In addition, you might want to attend some of the asynchronous or mock-live sessions sponsored by SAP and other divisions such as the following:

    - Advancing Qualitative Research: Perspectives on Data Generation and Analysis: 12:00 pm EST / 18:00 CEST
    - Accomplishing Strategic Change: Rhythms, Sensegiving, and Mindful Ambidexterity (asynchronous, available 24/7)

    Have a nice day at the Virtual AoM and beyond!

    SAP PDW Chair

    Leonhard Dobusch
    University of Innsbruck