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Webinar: Conducting Rigorous Case Study Research

  • 1.  Webinar: Conducting Rigorous Case Study Research

    Posted 11-30-2020 00:51

    Webinar: Conducting Rigorous Case Study Research

    Time: Monday, 14th of December 2020,  9am (Eastern) / 3pm (Central European)

    Many areas of management practice are developing fast and so exploratory research is often appropriate. Case study research is an important methodology for exploratory research; to study phenomena and develop theory. Unfortunately, case research is often applied poorly, resulting in many journals rejecting case-based papers.

    This workshop aims to give doctoral and early-career researchers new perspectives about when and how to apply case research. The workshop includes material from recent studies in the innovation management field (Goffin et al, 2019; Perks and Roberts, 2013) but will go further, covering ongoing research into how to craft case research for publication. The online format will include presentations, discussions, examples from exemplary papers, and practical recommendations on how case study research can be prepared for publication in top journals. This session is scheduled for 2 hours.

    We recommend the participants to read the following material prior to the session:

    • Goffin, K., Åhlström, P., Bianchi, M. and Richtnér, A. (2019), Perspective: State‐of‐the‐Art: The Quality of Case Study Research in Innovation Management. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 36: 586-615.


    • Keith Goffin, Research Professor at Stockholm School of Economics / Emeritus Professor at Cranfield School of Management
    • Pär Åhlström, Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Professor of Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics

    For further information please contact Ibrat Djabbarov (

    Please register here to participate.

    Ibrat Djabbarov
    PhD candidate
    Cranfield School of Management