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Extended Deadline - Call for Chapters

  • 1.  Extended Deadline - Call for Chapters

    Posted 04-12-2024 11:02
    Dear friends, 
    Have you ever wanted to write about strategy from a critical perspective?
    I am soliciting chapter ideas for the first handbook of critical perspectives on strategic management to be published by Edward Elgar.
    Some details:
    Title: Handbook of Critical Perspectives on Strategic Management 
    Edited by: Alex Wright
    Publisher: Edward Elgar
    It can be challenging to get critical work on strategic management published. Journals in the field seem reluctant to publish critique, this is despite criticism being an essential component of any healthy academic endeavor. The field has a large and dominant orthodoxy that, to a significant degree, exerts control over how strategic management is researched, discussed and understood. Strategy is a specific kind of work undertaken by organizational actors that implies a degree of intersubjectivity, uncertainty, doubt and humanity largely missing from orthodox strategic management scholarship. By turning a critical lens upon strategic management, its practice and research, a valuable and needed contribution to knowledge can be made. In this handbook, I invite authors to confront and question the assumptions implicit in existing research and to offer thoughtful and provocative alternatives. The notion of 'critical' adopted is intentionally broad, so critical management studies through to criticality from a general academic perspective, and all points in between, are welcome. All chapters need to be about strategic management, its teaching, research and/or practice, and be written from a critical perspective. 
    Chapter proposals could address one or more of the following themes:
    1. Strategic management and criticism: Uncomfortable bedfellows (critical perspectives on strategic management at the broad institutional level)
    2. Dominant theories, frameworks and concepts critiqued and challenged (critical literature reviews of strategic management research constructs)
    3. Strategy work from critical perspectives (empirical research that examines strategy work in organizations from a variety of critical perspectives)
    4. Humanizing strategic management (feminist and gender-based criticisms, and alternative understandings of strategic management)
    5. Critical reflections on teaching strategic management (critical reflections on how strategic management is taught to undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD. students and on executive education programmes)
    6. Toward a genuinely critical strategic management (essays that discuss how strategic management research, practice, theorizing and teaching can change to reflect a deeper engagement with criticality)
    If this project interests you (and I hope it does), and you'd like to author a chapter, all that I need from you is a Word document that outlines:
    1. Your full name, affiliation, and email address;
    2. A proposed chapter title, including theme to be considered against;
    3. Short abstract (up to 250 words maximum).
    The final chapter will not be due for at least another year and we're aiming for lengths of between 6-8,000 words. All forms of writing and styles are welcomed!
    I'd appreciate your replies to by "Extended Deadline" Friday, May 3rd, 2024. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.
    I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.
    Professor Alex Wright

    Alex Wright
    Audencia, Nantes, France