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From Digital Economy to Digital Civilization: Exploring a Full Landscape of Digital Transformation (session 542)

  • 1.  From Digital Economy to Digital Civilization: Exploring a Full Landscape of Digital Transformation (session 542)

    Posted 08-06-2022 11:27

    From Digital Economy to Digital Civilization: Exploring a Full Landscape of Digital Transformation (session 542)

    Aug 6, 2022, 4:00-7:00PM (Pacific Time, UTC-7)

    Location: SCC Tahoma 1 (Hybrid interactive)



    We invite you to join us for a workshop on discussing the research landscape of digital transformation.  The workshop will consist of keynote speeches covering topics such as digital platforms, AI, data market, digital infrastructure, followed by round table discussions with the panelists. 

    There will be both in-person and interactive online round table discussions.


    Key Organizers and Panelists

    Ke Rong, Tsinghua University, China,;

    Tony Tong, University of Colorado, USA,

    Liang Chen, The University of Melbourne, Australia,

    Ronaldo Parente, Florida International University, USA,

    Di Zhou, Tongji University, China,

    Longtian Zhang, Central University of Finance and Economics, China,



    • Opening: 5mins
    • Keynotes: (90mins)
    1. Research Agenda for Digital Economy (Ke Rong)
    2. An Organizational Economics Perspective of Multi-Sided Relations in Digital Platforms (Tony Tong)
    3. Social Information Disclosure of Friends in Common in an E-commerce Platform Ecosystem: An Online Experiment (Di Zhou)
    4. Finding ecosystem fit when adopting AI: Evidence from on-device AI in Apple's ecosystem (Liang Chen)
    5. Endogenous Growth with Data from Production (Longtian Zhang)


    • Roundtable Discussion (50 mins: 20 mins discussion hosted by panelists + 30 min sharing)
    1. Tony Tong - Digital platform and ecosystem
    2. Liang Chen - AI and Management
    3. Ronaldo Parente - Digital economy and international business
    4. Ke Rong, Di Zhou, Longtian Zhang - Digital infrastructure, data market and data ecosystem (Virtual round table discussion)
    • Further discussion and Q&A (25mins)
    • Conclusion (10 mins)


    Abstract: This workshop aims to better understand a full landscape of digital transformation from Digital Economy towards Digital Civilization. Emerging Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) (e.g., AI, 5G, internet of things) are more or less affecting and disrupting traditional economy, despite the COVID-19 is still threatening the economy of countries around the world. The boom of digital economy is backed by the widespread use of ICT across all industry sectors in order to further boost its productivity, which it is the key to prospering our economic future and securing recovery from COVID-19. Digital transformation of the economy is shaping how businesses are structured, how nations need to address new regulatory challenges. With the increasing development of ICT, we are becoming more digital society, more empowered, and nations are becoming borderless, which is rightly the times of digital civilization. In such case, it is imperative for the international community to work more closely to seize opportunities and meet challenges by following the trend of digitalization. In this workshop, we invite researchers and practitioners to mainly discuss four aspects of digital economy which will be not limited to, including 'Digital Platform and Ecosystems', 'Digital Transformation and AI', 'Digital Infrastructure-driven Innovation Ecosystem' and 'Data Ecosystem'. These topics are quite in accordance with the AOM 2022 conference theme "Creating a Better World Together". In addition, this workshop will specifically advocate the Journal of Digital Economy (JDE) and welcome any scholars who are interested in digital economy related topics to submit their manuscripts.

    Ke Rong
    Tsinghua University