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Strategizing and Academic-Business Engagement

  • 1.  Strategizing and Academic-Business Engagement

    Posted 03-08-2024 08:31
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    It is now almost 20 years since Warren Bennis and James O'Toole published their seminal work in the Harvard Business Review 'How Business Schools lost their way'. They argued for greater practitioner engagement and the need for business schools to become more like professional schools like medicine and Law.  

    This brief survey looks at the extent of engagement between Business Schools and business/stakeholders since then. Your assistance in the survey is greatly appreciated and should take no more than 10 minutes. We are happy to share the analysis with respondents.   Responses by 17 March please

    Prof Nicholas O'Regan, FAcSS, FBAM

    Professor of Strategy

    Co-editor Journal of Strategy and Management

    College of Business and Social Science

    Aston University
    Birmingham, B4 7ET, 

    United Kingdom   +44 121 204 3223


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