Virtual SMS 2020 Workshop on "Quality in Qualitative Research"

When:  Oct 24, 2020 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC)

Quality in Qualitative Research

Saturday, October 24, 2020
Time 14:00 - 17:00 UTC
Sponsored by: Strategy Process Interest Group and Strategy Practice Interest Group

This workshop builds on the forthcoming Special Forum of the journal Strategic Organization on "Quality in Qualitative Research". Its objective is to draw attention to the importance of qualitative rigor for Strategy-as-Practice research and to provide its participants with guideposts as to what good qualitative research looks like. For this, it considers the entire research process ranging from the data collection to the analysis and presentation. Further, it discusses several of the methods that qualitative researchers can choose from, such as video-based research.

The workshop consists of two parts. First, the Special Forum and its six papers are introduced and discussed. For this, one of the authors of each paper will be present. Paula Jarzabkowski, who is one of the responsible SO editors, serves as the facilitator. The panel is followed by more focused roundtable discussions. Each roundtable revolves around one of the six papers and deals with the burning questions that the participants have on the matter.

Round Table Topics

  1. Sotirios Paroutis (U. of Warwick): Video-based research methods
  2. David Seidl (U. of Zurich): Interviewing elites
  3. Davide Ravasi (U. College London)/ Charlotte Cloutier (HEC Montréal): Using tables in qualitative research
  4. Will Harvey (U. of Exeter): When access goes wrong: Candid reporting of fieldwork
  5. Hans Berends (U. of Amsterdam): Process research methods for qualitative research
  6. Paula Jarzabkowski(Cass): Hallmarks of quality in qualitative research

An application is required for this workshop. The deadline to apply is September 2, 2020. Applicants should submit the following materials as a single document through the workshop website: 

  1. Brief summary of current or intended research projects and interests (max. 250 words) 
  2. 3 Burning questions to discuss. We will forward your questions to the roundtable facilitator up-front 
  3. Roundtable preferences: Select 3 of the 6 roundtables in declining order of your preference 
  4. Personal objectives from the workshop (Optional)


Online Instructions: