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Strategizing Activities and Practices (SAP) is an open and inclusive community that is devoted to fostering research into the practice of strategy. Members of this community understand strategy as something that people in organizations do rather than something that firms in their markets have. Such an interest in the doing of strategy directs our attention to the myriad day-to-day activities on the micro-level that make up strategy in practice. Yet, at the same time it calls for an appreciation of the role of the macro-level institutions in shaping these strategizing activities: Strategists do not act in isolation but draw upon the regular, socially defined modes of acting that arise from the plural social institutions to which they belong (read more).

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    Hi everyone, welcome to SAP's online community on Connect@AOM! As of today, you find the website of the Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group (SAP IG) as well as technologies that replace the SAP Listserv (see more below) at sap.aom.org. This ... More

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