Attend Virtual SAPience Circles

SAPience Circle

The virtual world invokes endless possibilities for connecting, sharing, and networking. We are cordially inviting SAP scholars to join us at SAPience Circle for coffee. The main purpose is to connect junior scholars with established scholars, create new connections, and enable the sharing of expertise and experience. Over virtual (Zoom) coffee meetings, we hope to create a space to:

  • Discuss SAP-related theoretical and methodological issues 
  • Get advice on career related questions
  • Simply join a cozy space for intellectual exchange

The sessions will

  • take 30 minutes
  • be limited to 1-2 seats
  • be headed by a top scholar every time
Fall 2020 Slots
Welcome back from conferences and summer vacation! We start this fall with some more SAPience Circle coffees. Join us for a 30-minute virtual coffee with some top scholars in the field (think multiple publications at AMJ, SMJ, Org Studies, Org Science and more), to share new expertise and build new connections. Sounds interesting? Register below. Remember: seats are limited, first come first served!

Register NOW for the next coffee session with:

      Remember: seats are attributed on a first come first served basis!


      Do you have any questions? Contact Madalina Pop at