SAP Vlog: Paula Jarzabkowski on "Strategizing: The challenges of a practice perspective"


About this Video

In this SAP Vlog post, Lorenzo Skade (European University Viadrina) talks to Paula Jarzabkowski (Cass Business School, City University London) about her and her colleagues’ paper “Strategizing: The challenges of a practice perspective”. The interview includes topics such as:
• How did the idea of this Special Issue emerge?
• In which ways have scholars built on the article to push the boundaries of the field since then?
• Which of the mentioned five main questions remain the most challenging in SAP research?
• Which topics and questions will be most relevant for the field in the future?

About the SAP Vlog

The “SAP Vlog” (Video + blog = Vlog) is an initiative by the Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group’s (SAP IG) of the Academy of Management. In this series, we publish 5–10 min interviews with authors of work that has extended our understanding of the practice of strategy-making. Such interviews provide viewers with behind-the-scenes insights into the origins and developments of the ideas that these works advance, as well as retrospective reflections on the timeliness and reception of these ideas in contemporary discourses. If you would like to create and publish a vlog post, visit


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