• SAP Listserv, Website, & Co.: Welcome to Connect@AOM!

    Hi everyone,
    welcome to SAP's online community on Connect@AOM! As of today, you find the website of the Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group (SAP IG) as well as technologies that replace the SAP Listserv (see more below) at This technological transition is part of AOM’s digital strategy, which aims to renew and bundle the communication technologies in use.

    What is Connect@AOM?
    Connect@AOM is a communication platform that aims to engage management scholars in ongoing discussions and build stronger networks among them. The platform includes social-media technologies like following others, discussion boards, etc., in order to facilitate communicative interactions even outside of the scope of the annual meetings and special conferences. However, the platform also features familiar communication technologies with enhanced functionalities.

    (Some) Features of the SAP Online Community on Connect@AOM
    From now on, you find much information on the practice of strategy-making at one place:
    • The SAP Online Community provides relevant information on the SAP IG: who we are, who is in charge, newsletters, governing documents, current initiatives (such as the brand-new webinar series), and so on.
    • In “Conversation“, you can browse the SAP Listserv history and add new announcements that you would like to share with the SAP Community. Similar to the Listserv technology, the SAP Community will be informed via email (see more on notification settings below).
    • In “Events“, you can post meetings, calls for papers, workshops, etc. that you would like to inform the SAP Community about. The SAP Community will also receive an email notification when new events are inserted.
    • In "Resources", you can upload files and documents (case studies, teaching material, etc.) that you would like to share with others.
    • The SAP Vlog (Video + blog = Vlog) is a new initiative. In this series, we publish 5–10 min interviews with authors of work that has extended our understanding of the practice of strategy-making. Such interviews provide viewers with behind-the-scences insights into the origins and developments of the ideas that these works advance, as well as retrospective reflections on the timeliness and reception of these ideas in contemporary discourses.
    Connect@AOM is a collective journey. Please feel free to join the "Conversation", add "Events", share a "Vlog", and upload "Resources"!

    Notification Settings
    One advantage of Connect@AOM over current technologies in use is the more fine-grained management of notification settings. This allows you to adjust the frequency and form of notifications to your individual preferences: real time (immediate email after each post), daily digest, weekly digest, no email notifications.
    To configure the notification options,
    1. Go to and click on your profile picture
    2. Click on “My Account” and select “Community Notifications”
    3. Scroll down and select your notification preferences from the drop-down menu.


    Again, welcome to SAP's online community on Connect@AOM! Please do not hesitate to contact me for inquiries.

    Matthias Wenzel