• SAP IG 2020 Elections: Results

    Dear SAP members,

    Thank you for voting for our 2020 elections – this year we had a great level of participation with 180 voting (27% of our total membership). I would like to thank all candidates for putting themselves forward and willing to serve our group.

    I am delighted to welcome to the SAP leadership team the following SAP members:

    PDW Chair role: Eric Knight

    Rep at large (2 years): Christina Wawarta

    Rep at large (2 years): Renate Kratochvil

    SAP Secretary (3 years): David Oliver

    SAP Membership Chair (3 years): Tania Ulrike Weinfurtner

    They all look forward to serving our community!

    Best wishes,

    Sotirios Paroutis

    Outgoing SAP Chair