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SAP Webinar Series

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    Posted 01-16-2021 01:02
    Dear friends of the SAP research, 

    I am happy to announce the upcoming webinar "Digital Strategizing & SAP Research". It is part of the SAP webinar series, where leading SAP scholars introduce SAP newbies to the foundations of SAP research and provide more advanced participants with added clarity around core issues related to strategizing activities and practices. This webinar, however, will be slightly different! The webinar is designed as a complementary dialogue to explore the field of digital strategizing and methods approaching it. We invited Matthias Wenzel, a senior SAP scholar with experiences in video analysis, and Katrina Pritchard and Rebecca Whiting, two scholars who recently published the book "Collecting qualitative data using digital methods".

    We will record the webinar and will share it on our webpage afterward. By attending the webinar, you agree this to be recorded. You will receive the link to the live stream after your registration - probably some days before the webinar takes place.

    Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact write an email to!

    Please register here: SAP Webinar - "Digital Strategizing & SAP Research"
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    SAP Webinar - "Digital Strategizing & SAP Research"
    Eventbrite - SAP Interest Group presents SAP Webinar - "Digital Strategizing & SAP Research" - Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - Find event and ticket information.
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    Best regards, 
    Milena Leybold on behalf of the SAP Social Media Team

    Milena Leybold
    University of Innsbruck