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Reflections on two decades of SAP - new article

  • 1.  Reflections on two decades of SAP - new article

    Posted 04-20-2022 11:33

    Dear SAP friends and colleagues,

    As you might be aware, our SAP community is turning 20 – yippee! It was exactly two decades ago that SAP was launched as an official research program at an EIASM research workshop in Brussels. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, we have written an article reflecting on the development of SAP from an embryonic, fringe perspective to a consolidated field of research. We have tried to capture the ups and downs, little anecdotes and different discussions that were part of this process (from "I am interested in strategy not in actions", to "flipping hamburgers" and "let a thousand flowers bloom"). Given that many of you have played important parts in this development, this paper might be fun to read for you. You can find the article here:

    Full reference:
    Jarzabkowski P, Seidl D, Balogun J. From germination to propagation: Two decades of Strategy-as-Practice research and potential future directions. Human Relations. April 2022. doi:10.1177/00187267221089473


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