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Join us for the SMS SAP IG Workshop on Research That Matters

  • 1.  Join us for the SMS SAP IG Workshop on Research That Matters

    Posted 08-11-2021 12:54

    Date: September 18, 2021 (10am-1pm EDT)

    While strategy research is typically aimed at producing rigorous knowledge, its practical implications often receive less attention – even though strategy researchers might have interesting findings to share. This workshop thus intends to critically discuss the practical relevance of (rigorous) strategy practice research and provide its participants with guideposts as to what relevant strategy practice research might look like. Participants will get insights on this matter from an academic, practitioner as well as a consulting perspective.

    The workshop consists of two parts: an interactive panel and a roundtable discussion. The objective of the panel is to examine in what way strategy practice research could be of relevance to practitioners (and consultants). Our distinguished panelists are David Seidl (University of Zurich), Loizos Heracleous (University of Warwick), and Leonard Yowell (NASA). The panel is followed by a more focused roundtable discussion on the practical implications of particular research projects, for which an application is required. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the practical relevance of their research with leading academic and practitioners and to ask burning questions that they will have on the matter.

    All registered conference attendees are welcome to attend the panel (part one) of this workshop! 

    An application is required to participate in the second part of the workshop (roundtables). The application deadline is August 17, 2021. Interested scholars find the application requirements here:

    We are looking forward to discussing with you how our research can be rigorous and relevant!

    Violetta Splitter
    University of Zurich