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Invitation – Present your Practice and Process Research !

  • 1.  Invitation – Present your Practice and Process Research !

    Posted 08-12-2021 05:36


    This invitation is directed especially to doctoral and early career scholars in the process and practice research community.

    It was a pleasure to meet and interact with you during the WBS Summer School and in an effort to sustain the momentum of our collective learning and provide opportunity to practise and refine our ideas and research practice, I am delighted to inform you that a new doctoral program at Ivey Business School will be launched in January 2022 intended to also be a safe space for presenting and refining our process and practice research.

    Instead, of listening to seasoned scholars, you are invited to be the source of inspiration to others, by sharing your work as it is emerging. The PhD program is uniquely designed as a 'practising arena' to showcase emerging research with a distinct focus in the intersections between disciplines and applications of practice and process perspectives  across management practices and with an international orientation. It is also intended in due course that this module will become a unique platform to engage executive and policy makers in advancing further the co-creation of knowledge for impact.

    It does not matter which stage you are in your studies. If you want to receive feedback, develop experience in presenting your work at research forums and think about the teaching and learning aspects of educating others of our research approach, this is the best and only space currently available to do so. This is why it is created with the sole motivation to support your development and enrich the learning of all other participants. The course will be delivered in-person and on-line simultaneously.

    If you are interested in exploring this opportunity to practise your research practice, please get in touch with me –


    Below is the description of the module:


    Advancing Management and Organisation Studies - Process and Practice Research


    This course has been designed to address the challenge that all management and organisation scholars face in this next post pandemic phase– making a difference through scholarship that inspires policy and business practice to shape a better world. To advance management and organisation studies, we are called up on to identify and use new and innovative ways to conduct research (visual, art-based methods, video) that captures the connections and ecological entanglements that shape the nature of organisations and modes of organising and propel new ways of managing that serve to address UNSDGs. Doing so will pave the way forward in actively demonstrating our impact as responsible management scholars. Through an interdisciplinary approach drawing on sociology, philosophy, human geography, education, anthropology and arts, you will learn about the latest developments in process and practice research and understand how a practice and process lens has already advanced debates in strategy, entrepreneurship, project managing, leadership and managing and organizing more generally.


    Module Leader: Professor Elena P. Antonacopoulou, OB Group, Ivey Business School.


    Elena Antonacopoulou
    GNOSIS Institute