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2 PDWs at EGOS 2023 in association with SWG 06 'Communication, Performativity & Organization'

  • 1.  2 PDWs at EGOS 2023 in association with SWG 06 'Communication, Performativity & Organization'

    Posted 03-13-2023 11:42

    *apologies for cross-postings*

    for your information, 2 PDWs (Pre-Colloquium Development Workshops) will take place at EGOS 2023 in Cagliari in association with SWG 06: Communication, Performativity & Organization:

    Both PDWs will take place on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, from 09:00 to 13:00. You can apply to them via the EGOS website until April 30, 2023. Please find more information below or on the EGOS website.  

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Best wishes,

    Ellen Nathues (on behalf of PDW02) & Milena Leybold (on behalf of PDW03)




    PDW 02: Analyzing and Theorizing Raw Qualitative Data as a Collective

    This PDW is held in association with the EGOS Standing Working Group (SWG) 06 on Communication, Performativity, and Organization. Specifically, it focuses on analyzing and theorizing raw qualitative data from communication as constitutive (CCO; e.g., Ashcraft et al., 2009; Cooren et al., 2011; Schoeneborn et al., 2019) and performativity perspectives (e.g., Cabantous et al., 2018; Gond et al., 2016). The workshop offers a space for interested scholars to share and discuss their raw empirical material as a collective.

    Much of what we do as interpretive researchers when making sense of our data continues to remain in the figurative black box, especially those first moments of exploring the material for intriguing hooks, surprising puzzles, potential theoretical connections, and so on. Common questions abound, particularly so for early-career researchers, such as: Is what I am seeing in the data interesting and relevant? Do others share my observations and interpretations? What other angles could be useful for my work, and which theoretical notions could I maybe contribute to?
    In our experience, such and similar questions are best answered when coming together as a collective. That is precisely why, with this PDW, we seek to create a space where scholars can jointly discuss data and generate ideas. We have in mind an event that facilitates knowledge exchange and learning and that fosters new connections and collaborations; a hands-on workshop where a select number of presenters share their data to analyze it with the other participants in the room. In doing so, participants will be able to discuss raw data around the same time as discussing more 'polished' data at the main EGOS Colloquium. This will provide currently-lacking insight into the data journey many of us individually encounter, but too infrequently explore together as a collective. 

    Click here to visit the EGOS website & see more information!


    PDW 03: Societal Grand Challenges, Communication, and Performativity

    This cross-theme PDW – which will be hybrid, both online and in-person/onsite – brings together participants from the Standing Working Groups (SWGs) 06 Communication, Performativity, and Organization and 10 Organizing Desirable Futures with the aim to join forces for understanding how the way we communicate (or stay silent) about societal grand challenges makes a difference in the way how we address or potentially tackle these challenges. More specifically, the purpose of this PDW is to connect scholars interested in topics relating to the (per)formative nature of communication (e.g., Gond et al., 2016; Marti & Gond, 2018; Schoeneborn et al., 2020) and societal grand challenges (e.g., Gümüsay et al., 2022). The workshop also aims to facilitate conversations between more experienced scholars, early-career scholars, and PhD candidates to discuss paper proposals and project ideas.
    Research on societal grand challenges has been growing in organization and management studies. Yet, contributions in this field have been mostly conceptual, or mobilized the concept of societal grand challenges as a justification of the empirical context (Howard- Grenville & Spengler, 2022). Accordingly, and in line with Howard-Grenville and Spengler (2022: 289) we see a great scientific interest "to research the social and discursive construction of grand challenges," to understand how societal grand challenges come (discursively) into being (see e.g., Schwoon et al., 2022) and how the social construction of such challenges advances or blocks action. Consequently, in this PDW, we will explore the role of communication – such as narratives, metaphors, discourses, or frames –, and their performativity on collective organizing progresses on tackling societal grand challenges.
    We argue that the field of Organization Studies needs a better understanding of how communication and performativity shape organizing in and around societal grand challenges. The aim of this PDW is thus to focus in particular on the potential of bringing together researchers from the field of societal grand challenges research with experts on communication- and performativity- centered perspectives, and discuss how communication and performativity theorizing might motivate or inhibit addressing societal grand challenges. Likewise, taking note of the self- fulfilling nature of theories (e.g., Marti & Gond, 2018), we further aim to steer reflections about the impact of research, particularly performative theorizing, in and for tackling societal grand challenges, amongst participants.

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    Milena Leybold
    University of Innsbruck