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2023 PROS Call for Papers

  • 1.  2023 PROS Call for Papers

    Posted 09-06-2022 15:31
    Call for Papers
    Fourteenth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies
    For the full call for papers:
    18-21 June 2023
    Chania, Crete, Greece
    The Process of Social-Symbolic Work:
    Understanding the Role of Agents in the Ongoing Construction of Organizational Life


    Over the past four decades, there has been an increasing interest among management scholars in the processes through which actors intentionally shape the key "objects" of organizational life including emotions, identities, relationships, boundaries, and institutions. For each object in question, a stream of literature has developed that focuses on a kind of "work" intended to shape that object, such as emotion work (Bolton & Boyd, 2003; Hochschild, 1979), identity work (Brown, 2015; Ibarra & Barbulescu, 2010), strategy work (Jarzabkowski & Spee, 2009; Vaara & Whittington, 2012), relational work (Bandelj, 2012; Zelizer, 2012), boundary work (Gieryn, 1983; Langley et al., 2019), and institutional work (Hampel, Lawrence, & Tracey, 2017; Lawrence & Suddaby, 2006). Although these streams of research have evolved largely independently of each other, over the past few years an understanding that they are tributaries of a broader social-symbolic work perspective has emerged (Barberá-Tomás, Castelló, de Bakker, & Zietsma, 2019; Claus & Tracey, 2020; Lawrence & Phillips, 2019; Mantere & Whittington, 2021; Pradies, Tunarosa, Lewis, & Courtois, 2020). In the thematic track of PROS 2023, we will explore social-symbolic work from a process perspective and further develop this important perspective on organizations.




    General process-oriented papers, theme-focused papers, in-progress papers suitable for the Paper Development Labs, and panel discussion proposals are invited. Each author may make up to 2 submissions. Interested participants must submit an extended abstract of about 1000 words for their proposed contribution by February 1st , 2023 through our main website:




    Keynote Speakers:

    • Nina Bandelj, Chancellor's Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California at Irvine, Co-Editor, Socio-Economic Review, Vice-President, American Sociological Association, USA
    • Tina Dacin, Stephen J.R. Smith Chair of Strategy and Organizational Behavior, Smith School of Business, Queen's University, Canada
    • Dermot Moran, Joseph Chair in Catholic Philosophy, Boston College, USA, former Coeditor of the book series "Contributions to Phenomenology" (Springer), author of Introduction to Phenomenology and Edmund Husserl: Founder of Phenomenology

    Nelson Phillips
    UC Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara CA
    (805) 679-0666