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Call for proposals for SAP IG: SMS conference in Istanbul, October 19-22, 2024

  • 1.  Call for proposals for SAP IG: SMS conference in Istanbul, October 19-22, 2024

    Posted 01-26-2024 08:29

    With its interest in what strategist do, the Strategy Practice Interest Group is uniquely positioned to discuss this year's SMS annual conference theme "Fault lines, contradictions, and divergences" in strategy. Make sure that you do not miss out the opportunity to join us for lively discussions, inspiring paper presentations, interesting panels and workshops on hot topics in Istanbul by submitting your paper until February 21, 2024 via the SMS website: line with this year's conference theme, submissions to the Strategy Practice IG could cover, but are not limited to questions such as:

    • How do strategy practitioners respond to the rapidly polarized and conflict-prone world?

    • In what way do they adapt their established strategy practices?

    • How do managers respond in contexts with different geopolitical forces that increasingly affect organizations from all types and industries?

    • How do strategy practitioners manage their relationships with governments as customers?

    • Do more inclusive and 'open' strategy practices help to deal with geopolitical forces and the related contradictions and divergences for strategy making? If so, how?

    • If AI deals with the geopolitical forces (e.g., Geoquant) and business problems but substitutes people in organizations, who owns and controls AI and who is accountable for its mistakes (e.g., early, late, wrong responses, misdiagnosis of problems), or is AI infallible? 

    • How does the widespread use of AI impact an organization's other resources and capabilities to respond to the geopolitical forces or the pursuit of purpose in addition to profit maximization? Can the inclusion of stakeholders in strategy making mitigate such resource scarcity? If so, how?

    The Strategy Practice IG looks forward to receiving your submission - whether you are an academic, executive, and/or consultant!Deadline for proposals: February 21, 2024Violetta Splitter, Program Chair for Strategy Practice IG at SMS

    Violetta Splitter
    University of Zurich