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CfP: EGOS Sub-theme 69: Strategy as Practice at the crossroads: Where to next? Milan 2024

  • 1.  CfP: EGOS Sub-theme 69: Strategy as Practice at the crossroads: Where to next? Milan 2024

    Posted 10-22-2023 00:57

    [Apologies for cross posting]

    Dear Colleagues,

    We welcome your submission to the EGOS Sub-theme 69: 
    Strategy as Practice at the crossroads: Where to next?
    40th EGOS Colloquium, Milan 2024

    Strategy-as-practice (SAP) is at a crossroads in what is studied, how it is studied, and by whom. The focus of SAP research has been on the activities and interactions of strategy actors in and around the organization, both in terms of what actors do in practice and how they accomplish strategy work. Recently, SAP scholars have espoused the desire to broaden the scope of concepts, theories, and methods used. However, this broadening of scope and blurring of boundaries puts SAP at a critical juncture in its development. Recent debates address the definition of 'strategic' in SAP research, call for a focus on 'practice' in SAP, to bridge with separately emerging communities, and to connect across topics and geographic borders.

    Together, these issues indicate that SAP is at a crossroads and we ask: Where to next?

    We are interested in conceptual, methodological, and empirical papers utilizing a range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. In particular, we are keen to receive papers that provoke and extend what phenomena are studied in SAP research, by whom, and how these phenomena are theorized. Possible topics for contributions include, but are not restricted to the following themes: 
    - What is strategic?

    - What is practice?
    - What are the challenges of producing knowledge in SAP?
    - How is SAP research relevant? To whom?
    - What are the new phenomena and contexts that SAP research should attend to?

    Find more information by following this link:

    When: University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy 
    When: July 4–6, 2024
    What: Submit a short paper until 9th January 2024

    We look forward to seeing you in Milan 😊 

    Your convenors: 
    Paula Jarzabkowski, University of Queensland
    Renate Kratochvil, BI Norwegian Business School
    Shenghui Ma, Fudan University

    Shenghui Ma
    Associate Professor
    Fudan University