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Conflict Management PDWs

  • 1.  Conflict Management PDWs

    Posted 07-02-2022 08:51

    The Conflict Management Division is pleased to announce the following PDWs


    Beyond the First Offer: A View of Academic Job Negotiations from Both Sides of the Table

    Sunday, August 7 1:00PM to 6:00PM

    Seattle Convention Center, Room 2B – Join us with in person or via Zoom


    This PDW is open to all Academy members-including junior & senior faculty and PhD students- who would like to learn how to successfully negotiate academic job compensation packages. This session will provide a unique perspective on academic job negotiations by including panel discussions that provide information about how each side tends to view the process. One panel will comprise senior faculty who will offer information from the perspective of deans, department chairs, and other administrative roles involved often involved in negotiations with job candidates. Another panel will comprise junior faculty members who will shed light on the negotiation process from the perspective of job candidates based on their recent experiences. Participants will then have the opportunity to practice negotiating and receive feedback and tips about how to improve.


    Panelists include:

    • Giselle Antoine, Washington University in St. Louis
    • Tina Diekmann, University of Utah
    • Ingrid Fulmer, University of Illinois
    • Rachael Goodwin, Syracuse University
    • Edwyna Hill, University of South Carolina
    • Jessica Li, Georgia Tech
    • Gerardo Okhuysen, University of California, Irvine
    • Anne O'Leary Kelly, University of Arkansas


    RSVP to Chris Bauman ( by July 15th to help us anticipate the size of the group. Please note whether you plan to attend in person or via Zoom.  




    The Conflict Management (CM) Division Junior Faculty Consortium

    Saturday, August 6 9:30-12:30

    Seattle Convention Center Room 612


    This consortium is designed for early career scholars interested in navigating various career paths in the global academic markets. Specifically, we will focus on three main topics important for launching and sustaining successful academic careers: (1) exploring various career paths and movements, (2) branding oneself with research identities, and (3) strategies for getting tenure and promotion.


    Distinguished panelists include:

    • Ariel Avgar, Cornell University
    • Audrey Korsgaard, University of South Carolina
    • Bruce Barry, Vanderbilt University
    • Don Conlon, Michigan State University
    • Jackson Lu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Laura Rees, Oregon State University
    • Maritza Salazar, University of California, Irvine
    • Oliver Schilke, University of Arizona
    • Taya Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Tony Kong, University of Colorado


    To apply, please send an email with your CV to Leigh Anne Liu ( by July 15th, 2022.




    Innovations in Qualitative Research

    Sunday, August 7 10:00am- 12:00pm

    Seattle Convention Center, Room 607


    This PDW is open to all academy members who are interested in applying qualitative research methods. The PDW will focus on new and innovative methods, including innovations in the quantification of qualitative data as well as established qualitative and ethnographic methodologies. Participants will learn the basics of these approaches, potential pitfalls, and how the methodologies can be used to formulate new research questions and tap new data sources. The format will include panel discussion and small group discussions. We will begin brief introductions by the panelists on their approach to qualitative research, and then hold a discussion of the challenges and benefits of conducting and publishing qualitative research. Small groups discussions will follow, in which the participants gain advice and input from select panelists.


    Panelists include:

    • Anjier Chen National University of Singapore
    • Curtis LeBaron Brigham Young University
    • Gabriel Sala Northeastern University
    • Jason Marshall, Creighton University
    • Lin Jian, University of South Florida
    • Semin Park University of Iowa


    RSVP to Audrey Korsgaard ( by July 15th to help us anticipate the size of the group. You are strongly encouraged to attach a prospectus of research you are planning or are engaged in so we can put you into groups with appropriate panelists.


    We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!


    [M. Audrey Korsgaard
    Professor of Management
    Director, Riegel and Emory Human Resources Center
    Darla Moore School of Business
    University of South Carolina
    1014 Greene Street • Columbia, SC 29208