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EGOS 2024: "Organizational Knowledge and Judgment in the Times of Complexity" (Sub-theme 52)

  • 1.  EGOS 2024: "Organizational Knowledge and Judgment in the Times of Complexity" (Sub-theme 52)

    Posted 11-01-2023 08:33

    Dear SAP colleagues,

    If you are planning to attend the EGOS 2024 conference in Milan, Italy, then our sub-theme on "Organizational Knowledge and Judgment in the Times of Complexity", co-chaired with Haridimos Tsoukas and Demetris Hadjimichael, may be of interest.

    Submit your 3000-words proposal following this link by January 9th, 2024

    ·     The overall aim of this sub-theme is to advance the existing debates on the nature and characteristics of organizational knowledge and/or judgment in light of the increased complexity of problems organizations grapple with in a globalized world.

    ·      We welcome contributions that address the topic of knowledge and/or judgment in organizations from multiple perspectives and points of focus, such as and not limited to:

    o   The impact of new technologies (e.g. AI, VR) on knowledge/judgment.

    o   The role of time and space in enabling and inhibiting organisational knowledge and judgment.

    o   Exploration of ethical issues in relation to knowledge/judgment.

    o   Conceptual integration of knowledge and judgment in organisation theory.

    If you share our scholarly interest in these topics, please submit your proposals to us!

    Kind regards,

    Igor Pyrko

    Associate Professor

    School of Management, University of Bath

    Igor Pyrko
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Bath