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Instats launches free content hosting and LMS platform

  • 1.  Instats launches free content hosting and LMS platform

    Posted 08-01-2023 01:14

    Hi everyone


    Instats is announcing the launch of our free content hosting and LMS platform, which makes it easy to build and run your research-training workshops or classes. This is the first in a series of new developments that will arrive in the coming weeks as Instats rolls out its new fully-integrated research ecosystem, all of which will be freely available for the global research community.


    This first announcement centers on new Instats platform functionality that is freely available for you and/or your institution, enabling you to:


    1)     Build, schedule, and host your PhD and post-PhD research training content, which can be structured with formats ranging from single-day seminars to full semester-length classes. This content can be made freely available to the students and researchers within your institution, allowing you to use Instats as a free content hosting and LMS platform;


    2)     Build a research-training library of content on the Instats platform by first offering livestreamed events that Instats can help you convert to streaming on-demand content, all of which can be made free for the students and researchers at your institution; and


    3)     Use the platform to charge anyone from outside of your institution when they purchase access to your content on the platform. Instats has a fully-integrated global payment processing system that allows you to generate revenue from your research training content, even while this content is freely accessible for everyone within your institution.


    If you or your institution would like free access to the Instats platform and our new content hosting and LMS functionality, please get in touch with me today at This is just one of the ways that the Instats platform is contributing to the global research community by building a fully integrated research ecosystem. 


    Stay tuned – more announcements about new free platform features will be coming in the next few weeks!


    Best wishes
    Michael Zyphur
    Institute for Statistical and Data Science

    Michael Zyphur
    UQ Business School
    University of Queensland