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Instats launches free JOBS board and new Q&A Forums

  • 1.  Instats launches free JOBS board and new Q&A Forums

    Posted 08-15-2023 01:14
    Hi Everyone
    Instats has just launched two new and entirely free resources for your research community: 
    1) A new free JOBS board where you can post about your vacant roles and find research jobs at no cost. Instats will help you advertise your JOBS and your jobs will be accessible globally and by our 20,000+ users, many of whom are PhD students and professors looking for research positions across all major academic and applied areas. Just head over to and click JOBS at the top of the page where you can post your job or look for open roles anytime.
    2) A new Q&A forum where you ask questions and get answers by leading experts and other Instats users across the social, health, computing, and life/natural sciences -- for both quantitative and qualitative forms of research. Some of the world's leading researchers are already active on the forum, so just head to and click NETWORKS at the top of the page to get started.
    To post a new job or write a new Q&A forum post, you need to logged in to the Instats platform, but not to worry! if you're not already an Instats user, it's free to join. Just click 'Sign in' and you can create a free Instats account anytime.
    These two new Instats platform features are entirely free, and are only two of the ways the new fully-integrated Instats research ecosystem is designed to offer value to the research community at no cost. If you'd like more information please get in touch with me anytime, and if you'd like to become an Instats expert so you can create research training content that is free for your PhD students and colleagues at your institution, please reach out -- Instats has a fully integrate research training and LMS platform that is entirely free for our partners and collaborators.
    Best wishes from everyone at Instats!
    Michael Zyphur
    Institute for Statistical and Data Science

    Michael Zyphur
    UQ Business School
    University of Queensland