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Join us for the AOM Showcase symposium: The Role of Temporality in Innovating with Nature

  • 1.  Join us for the AOM Showcase symposium: The Role of Temporality in Innovating with Nature

    Posted 07-25-2023 04:13

    The Role of Temporality in Innovating with Nature

    Session type: Panel Symposium

    Location:  North Star, Westin Copley Place, Boston

    Time: Sunday August 06, 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM (GMT-4)

    Submission ID: 11815

    In this symposium, we bring together a panel of organization and innovation scholars to cast light on the role of temporality in rethinking innovation and establish a discussion on disparate aspects of innovating with nature through a temporal lens. Specifically, how the temporal lens can bring an alternative approach to better understand the organization-nature relations, and provide new ways for organizations to innovate with instead of against nature. We grasp temporality as an overarching term comprising time in its sequential flow of time but also in its non-sequential ongoing iteration of meaning created in between past, present, and future. Recent debates have recognized that innovations cannot be defined by a clear beginning or an end but are rather processual, nor are they linearly developing due to their temporal complexity, developing diachronically to the original plan. We argue that foregrounding the temporality of innovations enables us to capture the dynamics of ongoing socio-ecological transformations when innovating with nature and the ecological environment. Innovating with nature is a matter of navigating multiple temporalities. In this symposium, we intend to establish a dialogue on how different temporalities further our understanding of managing and organizing innovations with nature.


    Dror Etzion - U. of Vermont, Grossman School of Business, US 

    Raghu Garud - Pennsylvania State U. 

    Sylvia Grewatsch - Brock U.

    Gail Whiteman - U. of Exeter Business School


    Juliane Reinecke - Oxford U., Saïd Business School


    Miriam Feuls - Copenhagen Business School 

    Sunny Mosangzi Xu - Copenhagen Business School

    Sunny Mosangzi Xu
    Copenhagen Business School