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JOMSR's official website is now live - and awaits your paper!

  • 1.  JOMSR's official website is now live - and awaits your paper!

    Posted 01-23-2023 16:22

    Hello XX Division Colleagues,

    I am pleased to share with you that SAGE publications has officially launched the Journal of Management Scientific Reports website, where you can find information about the journal mission, submission guidelines, and the editorial board listing. See The entire first year of articles will be available with "open access".

    A short editorial by Editor-in-Chief Maria Kraimer introducing JOMSR is available in "early view" at the website. In coming days, a second editorial will describe what we look for in submissions in each of the main categories of articles that are part of the journal's mission. An overview of the types of papers JOMSR seeks is available at and details are available from the editors.

    Now is your turn! Do you have an AoM paper or other manuscript where you tested one or more theories? Do you have an idea for how to probe a hard-to-test theory? Regardless of whether the results are supportive of the theory, JOMSR aims to be the home where cumulative theory-testing research for all areas of management thrives. Please consider submitting a paper to JOMSR!

    Best wishes,

    Xavier Martin

    Senior Associate Editor, Journal of Management Scientific Reports

    Xavier Martin
    Tilburg University