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Last Chance to Register for the Impact Bootcamp!

  • 1.  Last Chance to Register for the Impact Bootcamp!

    Posted 07-20-2023 07:49

    AOM PDW: Impact bootcamp: Hands-on advice for creating impact through qualitative research 

    Saturday, Aug 5 2023 2:00PM - 5:00PM ET (GMT-4/UTC-4) at Boston Park Plaza in Berkeley Room

    Register for the Impact Bootcamp PDW at AOM! Registration for the roundtable section closes on July 23rd! Send your 1-page document  to

    The desire to create impact has been both a consistent theme across numerous sessions of AoM in the past few years. However, the debate has still focused on if and in what way researchers in management and organizations studies can have impact, leaving those wanting to actually engage in the work without little practical advice of how this can be done. This joint SAP and OMT PDW aims to help with this challenge by offering hands-on guidance on how participants can engage in impact work in their particular research settings. The PDW focuses particularly on qualitative researchers who want to create impact with and through collaborating with their studied organizations ranging from companies, non-profit, or government organizations, or industry initiatives/associations.  


    The Impact bootcamp features two main parts: 


    Panel debate


    Paula Jarzabkowski, Professor, UQ Business School and  Bayes Business School

    Richard Whittington, Professor, Saïd Business School

    Eva Boxenbaum, Professor, Copenhagen Business School

    Richard WhittingtonProfessor Saïd Business School

    Jean Bartunek, Professor, Boston College

    Eva Boxenbaum, Professor, Copenhagen Business School

    Rebecca Bednarek, Associate Professor, Victoria Business School

    Fannie Couture, Assistant Professor, HEC Montreal


    To register for the roundtable section, please send us a 1-page document (minimum) of what you would like to get feedback on (eg. report, case description, ppt). Send the document together with your top two preferences on which roundtable you would like to be assigned by July 23rd  to Participation to the panel debate is open for all. 


    Your organizing team

    Katharina Dittrich, Madalina Pop, Alessandro Niccolò Tirapani

    Madalina Pop
    Aarhus University BSS