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SAP Community Day at EGOS 2023

  • 1.  SAP Community Day at EGOS 2023

    Posted 03-27-2023 03:54

    [Apply until April 30 at]

    Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) Community Day 2023: In Search of a Good Life: Strategizing Between Vision and Tradition
    Part of the EGOS pre-colloquium program on July 5, 2023.

    Meet the Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) community during the SAP Community Day at EGOS 2023. This year we meet again in person on July 5th, prior to the main EGOS colloquium in Cagliari for interactive sessions and workshops to catch up with recent conversations in the SAP field and to develop your own work with leading SAP scholars. 

    As in previous years, the SAP Community Day 2023 consists of two parts:

    Part 1 is all about "Strategizing Between Vision and Tradition". We start with a panel of senior scholars, who will reflect on their perspectives on strategizing between vision and tradition, followed by an interactive panel discussion.

    Part 2 features a paper development roundtable session where participants discuss their current research with leading SAP scholars. Participants will briefly present core ideas and current issues they are facing. Roundtable hosts will offer feedback and invite discussions among roundtable participants.

    As in previous years, we encourage submissions of short research papers to be discussed at the roundtables. We also encourage the submission of research designs, empirical material, or initial interpretations (e.g., ethnographic vignettes).

    In addition to the sessions, we will provide opportunities for informal networking and discussion during breaks.

    Our distinguished panelists and facilitators this year include:

    • Siavash Alimadadi, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
    • Ignas Bruder, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
    • Miriam Feuls, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
    • Martin Friesl, University of Bamberg, Germany
    • Jochen Koch, European University Viadrina, Germany
    • Georg Reischauer, WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
    • Birgit Renzl, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    • Linda Rouleau, HEC Montréal, Canada
    • David Seidl, University of Zurich, Switzerland
    • Violetta Splitter, University of Zurich, Switzerland
    • Jörg Sydow, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
    • Neil Thompson, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Christopher Wickert, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Tammar B. Zilber, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

    Join an amazing group of researchers for panel discussions & paper development roundtables at this year's SAP Community Day. The application deadline is April 30, 2023. Please find further information including application details at

    // Christoph Brielmaier, Christian Bruck, Robin Engelbach, Yanis Hamdali and Dicle Kortantamer

    Yanis Hamdali
    European University Viadrina