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SAP IG Newsletter - Spring 2023

  • 1.  SAP IG Newsletter - Spring 2023

    Posted 04-17-2023 04:37
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    Dear SAP Members and Friends,

    It is my pleasure to send you the 2023 spring edition of our SAP IG's newsletter.

    Importantly, it features some news on the upcoming Boston conference in the summer (from p. 6 onwards), including a letter from the Program Chair and PDW Chair, a sneak preview on key events and some information on financial support options that we can offer this year.

    While we are working hard to offer you an exciting conference program, we invite you to also check out our various community building activities that we offer all year round (pp. 2-5) as well as all the other exciting events that are coming up and all the other top news and announcements from our community members.

    Lastly, please vote in the upcoming IG elections – you can find all information on the great selection of candidates on pp. 16-19.

    Have a lovely spring and enjoy reading the newsletter and indulging in all the exciting things going on in our vibrant SAP community.

    All the best,