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SAP Reading Club: "Behind the Scene" Series (2022-23)

  • 1.  SAP Reading Club: "Behind the Scene" Series (2022-23)

    Posted 10-14-2022 08:30

    We are pleased to announce the launch of SAP Reading Club: "Behind the Scene" Series (2022-23). 

    This year, we continue to invite highly accomplished authors at various career stages to share their experiences in the challenging process of publishing in leading journals. Four sessions are scheduled on a range of highly challenging issues, from reshaping theory and reframing a paper to handling complex findings and addressing comments. 

    The program is available below. Please register here.

    Program SAP Reading Club 2022/23 "Behind the Scene" Series




    #1: Reshaping theory in a reviewing process, with Madeleine Rauch and Shaz Ansari

    "Waging War from Remote Cubicles: How Workers Cope with Technologies That Disrupt the Meaning and Morality of Their Work", Organization Science

    23 Nov 2022,
    4-5 pm UK

    #2: Reframing for a different journal, with Vern Glaser

    "Making Snowflakes Like Stocks: Stretching, Bending, and Positioning to Make Financial Market Analogies Work in Online Advertising" (co-authors: Peer C. Fiss, Mark Thomas Kennedy)

    25 Jan 2023,
    4-5 pm UK

    #3: Writing, rewriting, and rewriting it again: the journey to get complex findings to publication, with Paula Jarzabkowski

    "The social practice of coevolving strategy and structure to realize mandated radical change"(co-authors: Jane Lê, Julia Balogun), Academy of Management Journal,

    29 Mar 2023,
    11am-12pm UK

    #4: Addressing comments in an R&R, with Ona Onajomo Akemu and Samer Abdelnour

    "Confronting the Digital: Doing Ethnography in Modern Organizational Settings", Organizational Research Methods

    24 May 2023,
    4-5 pm UK

    We are looking forward to seeing you all.

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    For any questions or inquiries, please contact

    Renate Kratochvil,

    Qian Li,

    Renate Kratochvil
    BI Norwegian Business School