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Webinar: A Conversation About Contribution

  • 1.  Webinar: A Conversation About Contribution

    Posted 02-07-2023 15:19

    A Conversation About Contribution

    Speaker: Prof Donald Bergh (Denver)

    Wednesday, 15th of February at 10am (EST) / 3pm (London) / 8.30pm (Delhi). This webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes (incl. Q&A).

    Registration: Please register here to receive a personalized Zoom link and a reminder prior to the event.

    One of the most important factors determining a paper’s fate in the review process and its post-publication impact is its unique contribution. This seminar will discuss common (mis)perceptions of contributions, review contribution types, explicate their origins, consider theoretical and methodological contributions, how contributions can evolve through the review process, and close with suggestions for how to best present contributions.

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    About the speaker:

    Donald Bergh is the Louis D. Beaumont Chair of Business Administration and Professor of Management at the University of Denver. He is also a visiting professor at University College Dublin and at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research on corporate strategy and research methods has appeared in AMJ, SMJ, OS, JoM, JMS, SO, ORM, and AMLE, among others. He has served as an Associate Editor (AMJ, ORM, JMS), guest co-editor of four special issues in ORM, as a member of editorial review boards (AMJ, SMJ, OS, JMS, AMR, ORM, SO), as the inaugural Chair of the Scientific Integrity and Rigor Task of JoM, and as Co-editor of the series, Research Methodology in Strategy and Management (Emerald) for volumes 1-10. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management. He has held several leadership positions in the Strategic Management Society including Co-Chairing the Research Methods Paper Prize, as Founding Program Chair of the Corporate Strategy Interest Group, Co-Founding Chair of the Research Methods Community, and as Program Co-Chair of the 35th Annual Conference in Denver, 2015.

    For queries, please contact Ibrat Djabbarov:

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