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Webinar: Generative AI and the Future of Research

  • 1.  Webinar: Generative AI and the Future of Research

    Posted 03-19-2024 01:45


    Jerry Davis (University of Michigan)

    Dirk Lindebaum (Grenoble Ecole de Management)

    Stella Pachidi (University of Cambridge)



    - Anne Tsui (Arizona State University)


    Time: Monday, 25 March at 12 pm (EST) / 4 pm (London). This webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes, including Q&A.


    Registration: Please register here using this link to receive a personalized Zoom link and a reminder for this event.


    Advances in information technology, from the birth of the computer to the pervasive spread of social media, have created challenges and opportunities for social science research. Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, poses fundamental questions to how we conduct and share our work, both qualitative and quantitative, and what counts as truly human knowledge. In this panel, we will discuss what these challenges are, how they play out in different research settings, and how the research community can and should create guardrails to guide the principle of responsible management research.


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    - RRBM Position Paper, access:


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