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webinar on "work as a calling from God", The 13th HudHud International webinar

  • 1.  webinar on "work as a calling from God", The 13th HudHud International webinar

    Posted 03-09-2023 08:31

    Dear all,

    The 13th HudHud International webinar on "work as a calling from God".

    The main speaker of the webinar: Professor Stephen Sirris, director of Centre of Values-Based Leadership and Innovation, The VID Specialized University, Oslo, Norway.

    We're looking forward to seeing you online on Saturday, 11th March 2023, 10:30 am EST time zone, 4:30 pm CET time zone

    Here is the link of Registration:

    We will be sending you the link of the webinar both 24 – 48 hours AND 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the start of the program.

    These following questions will be answered in this webinar:

    1- introducing the VID center of value-based leadership, its mission and activities.

    2- what is calling (traditional vs classic - dimensions - aspects)

    3- calling as pluralistic, historical and present-oriented

    4- the process of recognizing and accepting one's calling
    5- Themes of calling as site of identity work

    6- what is the consequences of calling in personal/organizational and societal level

    7- what is the role of calling in spiritual leadership theory.
    please have a look at this article: Fry, L. W. (2003). Toward a theory of spiritual leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 14(6), 693–727.

    8- is there any relationship between notion of calling and Theory of being-centered leadership?
    please have a look at these articles:

    Fry, L., & Kriger, M. (2009). Towards a theory of being-centered leadership: Multiple levels of being as context for effective leadership. Human Relations,
    Allen, S., & Fry, L. W. (2022). A Framework for Leader, Spiritual, and Moral Development. Journal of Business Ethics, 1–15.

    9- what is the meaning of calling in each level of being.



    Dr.Pooya Pirmaleki, PhD in Management.
    Researcher at Imam Sadiq University.
    Department of Business Management.