Share Your SAP Project via Twitter

Share Amazing Projects: Promote Your Work trough Twitter!

Do you have an upcoming publication, a working paper, or a new research initiative that might be of interest to SAP scholars? Then share your amazing project with the growing SAP community on Twitter!
There are two ways in which you can share your work with other SAP scholars on Twitter:

1) When you are active on Twitter: simply follow and include the official SAP account (@Strategizers) when you tweet about your project. The SAP Social Media team will then retweet your project.

2) When you are not active on Twitter: send a link to your project to Maximilian Heimst├Ądt ( who will share your content through the SAP Twitter account. In the email, you can also include any photos or Twitter accounts (e.g. of your university) which you would like to see linked in your project tweet.