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SAP Vlog Michael Smets on "God at Work"

In this SAP Vlog, Tobias Palm (University St. Gallen) talks to Michael Smets (Oxford University) about his joint paper with Ali Aslan Gümüsay (University of Hamburg) and Timothy Morris (Oxford University) "God at Work: Institutional Logics, Managerial Responses and Institutional Hybridity“ published in 2019 (2020) in Academy of Management Journal.
Paper is available online at

The interview includes topics such as:
• Key messages of paper
• Paper Summary
• Findings that point beyond this paper

References: Gümüsay, A. A., Smets, M., & Morris, T. (2020). “God at work”: Engaging central and incompatible institutional logics through elastic hybridity. Academy of Management Journal, 63(1), 124-154.