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  • *** Apologies for Cross-posting*** The Department of Management at Louisiana State University (LSU) is seeking highly qualified domestic and international applicants for our PhD program in management, which includes both a Strategic Management ...

  • Please note that this notification is on behalf of the The Practice and Process Reading Group: Dear All, We ( The Practice and Process Reading Group ) would like to warmly invite you to the November 2020 Reading Session, as an opportunity to learn ...

  • Call for Short Papers for Sub-Theme 51: Organization-in-Creation: The Processes and Practices of Entrepreneuring Conveners: Claire Champenois, Audencia Business School, France Neil Thompson, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and ...

  • Dear SAP members and friends We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming EGOS sub-theme on "Openness as an Organizing Principle: Revisiting Diversity and Inclusion in Strategy, Innovation, and Beyond", co-convened by Marieke van den Brink  ...

  • Sub-theme 61: Organizing Platforms: What Are the New Forms and Practices? Online EGOS Colloquium (July 8-10, 2021) Convenors: Georg Reischauer , WU Vienna, Austria & Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria Ivanka Visnjic , ESADE Business ...


  • SAP IG 2020 Elections: Results

    Dear SAP members,

    Thank you for voting for our 2020 elections – this year we had a great level of participation with 180 voting (27% of our total membership). I would like to thank all candidates for putting themselves forward and willing to serve our group.

    I am delighted to welcome to the SAP leadership team the following SAP members:

    PDW Chair role: Eric Knight

    Rep at large (2 years): Christina Wawarta

    Rep at large (2 years): Renate Kratochvil

    SAP Secretary (3 years): David Oliver

    SAP Membership Chair (3 years): Tania Ulrike Weinfurtner

    They all look forward to serving our community!

    Best wishes,

    Sotirios Paroutis

    Outgoing SAP Chair

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  • The winner of the 2020 SAP Best Paper Award are Amanda Porter, Damla Diriker, and Philipp Tuertscher with their paper "What Does it Take to be Open? Sustaining Openness through Closure in Open Organizing Initiatives" Congratulations on winning the ...

  • The winner of the 2020 SAP Pushing the Boundary Award is Rene Wiedner with his paper “Sustenance Through Liberation: Vinyl Record Manufacturing After Disruption and Before the Hype” Congratulations on winning the SAP Pushing the Boundary Award! Can ...

  • The winner of the 2020 SAP Best Practice Award are Booth, Branicki, and Badham with their paper “Mindful Ambidexterity An ethnographic study of how managers navigate exploitation and exploration” Congratulations on winning the SAP Best Practice Award! ...

  • In this SAP Vlog, Etieno Enang (Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow UK) talks to Jane Lê (WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management) about her joint paper with Torsten Schmid (St. Gallen) “The Practice of Innovating Research Methods”. Paper is ...

  • In this SAP Vlog, Etieno Enang (Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow UK) talks to Paula Jarzabkowski (Cass Business School, City University London) about her and her colleagues’ paper “Producing Persuasive Findings: Demystifying Ethnography Textwork ...

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