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  • SAP IG 2021 Elections: Results

    Dear SAP Interest Group Members,

    I hope this finds you safe and well. I am pleased to announce the results of the AOM 2021 elections for our interest group. This year, thanks to your participation in the election process, 160 members out of our total voting membership of 628 offered their votes, representing a 25.5% "turnout". This is very close to the overall voter participation trend in the entire academy this year.

    The results of the voting process are in and on behalf of the SAP executive leadership team, I am pleased to announce the names of the following persons who have been elected by our community.

    1) Incoming PDW Chair (Service Duration 1 yr- 8/15/2021 - 8/14/2022):  Fleur Deken, VU University Amsterdam

    2) SAP Representatives-at-large (Service Duration 3 years - 8/15/2021 - 8/15/2024)

              a) Madalina Pop, Aarhus University BSS
              b) Birgit Renzl, University of Stuttgart

    I invite you all to join me in welcoming Fleur, Madalina, and Birgit into their formal service roles for the SAP IG and extending our deepest gratitude to all the nominees who participated in the election process.

    Best wishes for a safe and hopefully Covid-free summer,


    Rajiv Nag
    SAP IG Outgoing Chair
    Drexel University
    Philadelphia PA


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