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Our Book on the strategy and change interface is now available

  • 1.  Our Book on the strategy and change interface is now available

    Posted 09-29-2022 07:51
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    Our edited book of chapters for Palgrave/Springer Link, Effective Implementation of Transformation Strategies: How to Navigate the Strategy and Change Interface Successfully, is now available at bookstores and should be possible for loan at libraries across the world in the coming months.


    This book sheds light on the processes and cognitions used by managers to successfully implement strategies while navigating the strategy and change interface. It applies the latest thinking from the resource-based literature, in particular the idea that high performing organisations have become adept at honing and utilising value creating dynamic capabilities. Key processes and cognitions help organisational leaders sense opportunities and threats as well as shrewdly seize strategic opportunities to advantageously enhance performance. The book also adopts an institutional view; that is, it assumes that organisations must satisfy their stakeholders while navigating a range of infuences, including other organisations, markets, laws, quality standards, conventions, and cultural norms. This book conceptualises corporate strategy as an amalgam of four fundamental strategies: the organisation's fnancial, customer value creation, resource, and non-market strategies. These strategies address the capital, product and services, and resource markets as well as various non-market institutions. Successfully integrating and implementing these four strategies allow organisations to enable their employees' multidisciplinary talents. By approaching strategy in this way, the book demonstrates why it is important to monitor changes to the organisation's strategic context and helps it identify the practices, collaborations, and projects necessary to achieve spectacular strategic change.


    You can get more information about the range of related subject matter explored by the international team of authors to understand if the chapters could be used for research or teaching purposes by going to this link:



    Dr Angelina Zubac

    Australian Institute of Management




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