Processes and Practices of Digital Strategizing

PDW "Processes & Practices of Digital Strategizing: Perspectives & Avenues for Future Research" at the AOM 2020

Overview & objectives

Digital technologies such as platforms, big data analytics, and algorithms are reshaping how firms strategize. They are altering the strategy-making processes by rendering them less exclusive and secret and by making them more flexible. Digital technologies are also redefining practices of strategy-making, allowing actors to participate from afar or to utilize the wisdom of the crowd.

Building on the panel symposium on Digital Strategizing organized at the AOM 2019, this PDW aims to (1) give an overview of recent theoretical and empirical advancements in process and practice studies on digital strategizing; (2) discuss the suitability, advantages and disadvantages of selected theoretical perspectives and methods to further advance corresponding research; and (3) synthesize and share with the scholarly community the PDW outcomes to sharpen the future research agenda on the processes and practices of digital strategizing.

Background material in advance of PDW
Introduction to the PDW (Georg Reischauer, Giulia Solinas, Christina Wawarta): Video Presentation
Sociomaterial perspective (Stefan Haefliger): Video Presentation
Network perspective (Julia Hautz): PowerPoint Presentation & Paper
Crowd perspective (Ann Majchrzak): Video Presentation
Algorithm perspective (Stella Pachidi): Video Presentation & Paper
Ecosystems & platforms perspective (Sotirios Paroutis): Paper & Current Examples
Social practice perspective (Richard Whittington): Video Presentation

Summary and insights from the PDW
Please find the slides that summarize key insights from the PDW here: PowerPoint Presentation

Panelists & Round Table Facilitators

Stefan Haefligner (Cass Business School): Sociomaterial perspective

Julia Hautz (U. of Innsbruck): Network perspective

Ann Majchrzak (U. of Southern California): Crowd perspective

Stella Pachidi (U. of Cambridge): Algorithm perspective

Sotirios Paroutis (Warwick Business School): Ecosystems & platforms perspective

Richard Whittington (U. of Oxford): Social practices perspective


Georg Reischauer (WU Vienna & JKU Linz)

Giulia Solinas (LMU Munich)

Christina Wawarta (Warwick Business School)


1 In alphabetical order of last names.