Best Student Paper Award

Suvi-Tuuli Talvikki Helin, Timo Olavi Vuorin
Aalto University; Aalto University
Formulating Strategy for Digital Transformation

Frederik Schrøder Jeppesen
Aarhus University
Formulating Strategy for Digital Transformation


Christina Wawarta, Loizos Heracleous, Sotirios Paroutis
Warwick Business School
Temporal Tensions in Human Space Flight: NASA’s Practices for Managing Long-term Strategic Change


Jane Le and Fannie Couture  
WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management;  University of Sydney Business School

Protecting ‘Monsters’: How Complicity Eco-Systems Facilitate Wrongdoing in Organizations​


Seray Ergene
University of Massachusetts

Corporate Sustainability As Practice: Doing Sustainability By Intervening​


Galina Kallio, Mikko Jalmari Vesa, and Kathrin Sele
Aalto University
Three Sides of the Same Coin: Practice(d) Time as Rhythms in Household Food Collectives​


Julia Balogun and Lisa Day
University of Liverpool; London Metropolitan University
Identity in the Making: How Organisational Identity Change is Facilitated in a Business Unit Merger​


Lisa Day, Julia Balogun, and Michael Mayer
London Metropolitan University; Bath University
Over the Top of the Hill: Sensemaking and the Role of Meetings in Sustaining Strategic Change